Linz, AU

Linz, AU

           It should come as no surprise the Linz was founded by the Romans who called it Lentia, the name Linz being first recorded in 799 AD. . Lying in the middle of Europe, Linz was part of the Holy Roman Empire, and city supporting trade along the Danube. Names recognizable to some are Johannes Kepler of planetary motion fame, Anton Bruckner, composer and organist, and two Adolfs: Hitler and Eichmann, all of whom spent time in Linz.

About 100 yards from the boat, moored near Nibelungen Bridge, one enters Linz Hauptplatz which is one of the largest urban squares in Europe, built in the 13th century. Today its main function is as a market place. In the middle of the square is the 20 meters high white marble Trinity Column, a Baroque period monument erected in gratitude by those who survived a variety of disasters. Remember the Pest column in Vienna?    _N7A7557     


Walking farther down the Hauptstrasse (main street), one comes upon many little shops selling clothing, jewelry and the like.



_N7A7562 _N7A7561




One cannot miss the imposing Church of Saints Michael and Ursula. We asked a toy shop sales lady directions to the Lutheran Church along the Hauptstrasse, and she stepped out of the shop door and pointed across the street to St. Michael and Ursula Church. Thankfully, a colleague pointed us farther down the street.



_N7A7566 _N7A7564 _N7A7568

From Luther: Grace alone, Faith alone, Scripture alone, Christ alone found on the door of the Martin Luther Church, Linz.



_N7A7570 _N7A7571  will give you a sense of the acoustics of this space. The church is set back 50 meters from the Hauptstrasse to conform to the Catholic building rules of 1844, so as not to dominate the street scene. Today the set back allows an open space and a better view.

After lunch on board, we walked to the train stop at the Hauptmarkt Platz to catch the Postlingberg tram to the Seven Sorrows Church of the Virgin Mary at the top of the mountain overlooking the valley. We could see our boat moored by the Nibelungen Bridge and the Lento Museum.

_N7A7602 _N7A7603

Back on board our floating home, we prepared ourselves for another fine dining experience and Karaoke Night.

_N7A7697 _N7A7711

_N7A7636 _N7A7640 _N7A7655 _N7A7669

During the Karaoke performances, we slowly pulled away from our mooring and made for Passau, Germany, arriving early in the morning. These buildings are lighted by LEDs, and change colors.


_N7A7684 _N7A7686

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