Saying Good Bye, Heading Home

This has been a thoroughly enjoyable trip, in no small measure due to the excellence of the Swiss Jewel’s Captain and crew, the Tauck tour directors, Jeremy, Carrie, Anna, and Joseph. Fittingly, it was drizzling as we boarded our bus in Regensburg to take us to Munich for our flights home the next day.  We had lunch all together at a branch of the Hofbrau Haus across the street from the St. David Hotel where we spent our last night in Germany.  Helga and the rest of her crew met her cousin Freddie for an evening out, while we had a nice meal in the hotel with Paul, Tracie, and Mason.

We want to thank all of the wonderful people who made this trip a dream of a lifetime, including Joyce Williams of the Tauck office staff whom we have not met, the Tauck tour directors who you can tell are a really groovy bunch:  Joseph, Anna, Jeremy, and Carrie


The Captain whom we met two years ago:



And all the delightful Skylla crew in random order:
























_N7A6991 _N7A6806










Thank you to all of you for giving of yourselves and giving us memories for a lifetime.


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